Dr. Stephen Terry

Energy Conservation as a Renewable Resource- IFMA Triad presentation 5.11.17

Internet Of Things Power Point Presentation

Power Point presentation of the IOT (Internet of Things) at IFMA Piedmont Triad's July 2018 Lunch Meeting

Legionella Focus and the Regulatory Landscape since ASHRAE Standard 188

Slides from the March 14, 2019 Lunch Presentation.

Move Your RFP From a C to an A+!

Slides from IFMA Triad's May 9 2019 Lunch Session

Experts are the Difference Makers

Presentation by Dr. Dhaval Gajjar, PhD, FMP, SFP at the IFMA Triad FM Only Event - October 28, 2019

What Happens When We Return to the Workplace? Gensler/Janet Pogue McClaurin

The coronavirus has turned everything upside down. But, now that we’re starting to get the hang of working from home, our clients are beginning to wonder how they can prepare to bring people back into the office when the crisis subsides. We know from

Workplace with Heart: Driving New Competitive Advantages

Introducing a new way of thinking about how we design the experience of work in offices and beyond, prompted by the pandemic but inspired by a vision for something more equitable, engaging, and effective than ever before. This new approach challenges trad